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Nestled in the heart of Malden, Massachusetts, lies a haven of exquisite craftsmanship that has been illuminating our lives for over a decade. Say hello to "Peroni's Jewelry," a name synonymous with timeless beauty and refined artistry. As we join in celebrating its remarkable eleven-year milestone, let's uncover the captivating narrative behind this cherished establishment.


For a shop to flourish for eleven years in a dynamic world speaks volumes about its commitment, craftsmanship, and the place it holds in its community's heart. Peroni's Jewelry specializes in delighting patrons with meticulously designed pieces that capture the essence of life's most cherished moments.

Every necklace, ring, and bracelet has been thoughtfully curated to reflect not just trends, but the emotions and aspirations that define us. It's a reflection of the dedicated hands and creative minds that have woven dreams into precious metals and gemstones.

We are a family-run jewelry store specializing in diamonds, wedding bands, repairs and custom pieces.

Maicon Peroni, the stores namesake is among generations of family members in the jewelry business. Maicon first started handcrafting jewelry alongside his uncle at 17 years old and continues to make stunning one-of-a-kind pieces today in their Malden, Massachusetts storefront which opened in May of 2012.


We firmly believe in quality over quantity which is why most of our pieces are made to order. Crafted in precious 14 and 18K gold, Maicon especially enjoys making handcrafted wedding bands and engagement rings. He loves being a small part of the greater love story that will live on for many generations.

Peroni's Jewelry stands not only as a testament to elegance but as a tribute to passion, perseverance, and the artistry that transcends time


midst the gleaming showcases and radiant gems, Peroni's Jewelry recently played host to an event that marked more than just the passage of time. Friends, families, and valued partners of the brand gathered in a jubilant atmosphere to celebrate eleven years of Peroni's Jewelry's timeless journey. This wasn't just a celebration; it was a heartfelt thanksgiving for the relationships nurtured and the milestones achieved.


With clinking glasses and contagious laughter, the evening unfolded as a testimony to the connections that have been forged over these memorable years. As stories were shared and memories recounted, it was evident that Peroni's Jewelry had not only adorned bodies but had woven itself into the narratives of countless lives.

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